IDEALIFE - Electrical Gooseneck Coffee Tea Kettle – Teko air Angsa - IL–112

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IDEALIFE - Electrical Gooseneck Coffee Tea Kettle – Teko air Angsa - IL–112 
Specifications :  Capacity: 800ml High Grade Stainless Steel Material (304) Precision Pourover Auto OFF Function Temperature Gauge  Fast Heat Operation  (Only 2 minutes) Elegant Stainless Design Wattage: 300-800watt Pcs per Carton:  6Pcs Bercode No : 9852.1906.0548 Outer Carton Dimension :  52*44.3*20Cm Gift Box Dimension :  25*14*18Cm Kg per Carton :  7Kg Gram per Pcs :  1.5Gr Nomor Tanda Pendaftaran Petunjuk & Kartu Jaminan: IMKG.613.03.2020  Uji Lab: Q1-20-05-0474 Test Report  K3L: 20-L-004751  The gooseneck kettle is perhaps the most iconic symbol of contemporary manual coffee brewing. Their elegant swan necks, ergonomic handles and tapered spouts make them ideal for precision brewing. Their eye-catching and modern designs make them the perfect representatives for the third wave manual coffee movement. They are stylish and highly functional, a deadly combination in today’s coffee culture.  BREW BETTER COFFEE OR TEA - If you reall

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