Manala Chai


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Kategori : Minuman Kopi

Strengthening, Stimulating, Grounding

The spice tea from the combination of CTC black tea with various kinds of spices and peppermint aroma, with strong taste and liquor. And has a warming effect on the body. Best served with milk as hot or ice.

Brewing methods:
Hot: 3 gram (2 teaspoon)
Boiled water: 200 ml, 90-95’C
Steeping: 2-3 minutes, 2nd steeping: 3 minutes
Can brewed for 2-3 times

With Milk
3-4 gram tea (2 teaspoon)
Boiled water: 150 ml, 100’C
Steeping: 5-6 minutes
Condentions milk: 25ml-30ml

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Manala Chai

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