Nail Art Stamping Scraper


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Nail Art Stamping Scraper

Features soft clear rubber stamper, easy to use and clean.
Useful nail art stamping kit, create your own unique nail design.

Please remove the protective film from image plates before use.
Apply base coat or regular polish on your nail.
Apply the nail polish to desired image within a plate(please use solid color nail polish, which the texture is thicker than regular nail polish.
Stamping nail art special polish is highly recommended, which is only for application to the image plate first, and then to the nail.)

Material: Plastic, Rubber
Color: Clear
Stamper Length: 6cm/2.36", Diameter: 3cm/1.18" (Approx.)
Scraper Size: 5.3cm x 8.3cm/2.09" x 3.27" (Approx.)

Sudah termasuk :
1 x Stamper
1 x Scraper

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Nail Art Stamping Scraper

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